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Please note: All testimonials are personally reviewed by Dr. Chris Reynolds and are posted only if deemed genuine. 
Supershots> Rheumatoid Arthritis

My mom has been using the supershots for a week and for the first time in 17 years she has no pain from her rheumatoid arthritis! She loves this product! In fact the whole family is doing better because of the supershots. Thank you very much!

B. J. USA. 
* The results may vary based on a variety of factors.

Anal issure> Anal Fissure healed

Thank you very much for your advice on the use of the SuperBalm to heal my anal fissure. One thing is to read others' testimonials, another is to feel such a relief myself (it took two weeks). It is great!

A. L.
* The results may vary based on a variety of factors

Eczema> Eczema cleared

I was sceptical about the Wheatgrass to start off with, as I had already spent so much money with Natropaths. Dr. Chris explained to me that he was nothing like a natropath and that he would use a program of steroids to help control the severity while using the Wheatgrass to control my skin.  Within 8 months, I was completely free of steroids and my skin had all but cleared up. I use wheatgrass spray to control any itchy spots on my skin.  My friends and family cannot believe the improvements they have seen. I now have an improved quality of life and eczema doesn't inhibit me at all.

J. B. Melbourne. 
* The results may vary based on a variety of factors.

Cosmetic uses> Anti-Aging

Thinking I was developing a skin cancer on my shoulder, I took myself to the GP to check out the painless, red, raised mark. He diagnosed me with seborrheic keratosis, a large "sign of ageing" which would eventually turn dark brown.

Horrified at this "sign of ageing" I started applying the wheatgrass recovery cream morning and night, and even to my surprise, it disappered completely. Even more surprised was my GP when I showed him next time I was in his office.

R. A. Australia. 
* The results may vary based on a variety of factors.

Acne> Acne

I've used your product for my pimples and acne scarring and my face looks so smooth as my scars have practically all gone, and I have no more acne. It is just unbelievable. This is the best skin product I have ever used.

A. C. Queensland, Australia.
* The results may vary based on a variety of factors.

Molluscum> Molluscum

My son contracted Molluscum approx 6 mth ago, there were only 3 spots, come January 3 spots turned into 30. I took him to the doctor and they told me what it was and that i just needed to wait it out or buy a very expensive ointment that didn't have a 100% guarentee. I checked the internet and came across Dr Wheatgrass antioxidant spray, it has now been 5 weeks and all but a faint bit of redness, the mulluscom has vanished. We are all very pleased and impressed with this product, and often use it on other skin ailements. So thank you for this product and i will be highly recommending it to people, also i think i should put a bottle on my sons doctor's desk!

G. B. Victoria, Australia. 
* The results may vary based on a variety of factors.

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