Case Studies - Wheatgrass Therapy


Animal Healing


wheatgrass extract is effective in the treatment of a variety of conditions in veterinary practice.

Case Study- Wound and eczema healing in animals

A study of the therapeutic effects of topical wheatgrass extract in a variety of animals was conducted by veterinary surgeons over a twelve month period. In the treatment of open wounds (wheatgrass extract) was considered 98 percent ‘very effective’ or ‘moderately effective’. For eczema/dermatitis (mainly in dogs) this figure was 92% and the overall rating of wheatgrass extract for all conditions (N=110) was again 92 percent.


19 private veterinary practices from various states in Australia and one from New Zealand participated. Practitioners were chosen at random and none had prior knowledge of the product. Respondents were given a quantity of wheatgrass extract pump-pack sprays and a cream in a neutral base each containing the same concentration of active ingredients. They were asked to apply the compound one to three times a day as considered clinically necessary.


Wheatgrass extract was used in a broad variety of conditions (Table 1) mainly in horses, cats and dogs. Respondents were asked to complete a questionnaire and state whether they considered the clinical outcome to be “highly effective”, “moderately effective” or “not-effective”. 110 questionnaires, one for each condition treated, were completed and returned. A fee was paid for each report.

  • Open Wounds - 80 percent of assessments for wound healing in all three animal groups were determined “Very effective” with another 18% considered “Moderately effective”. (Fig. 1)
  • Eczema/Dermatitis - This condition applied mainly to dogs. 51% responses to treatment were considered “Very effective”, 41% “Moderately effective” and the remaining 8 percent “Not effective” (Fig. 2)
  • Overall Assessment of Wheatgrass Extract - Altogether 92 percent of veterinary surgeons assessed wheatgrass extract to be effective. 64% very effective and 28 percent moderately effective. (Fig. 3)
Animal Healing
Animal healing 2
animal healing 3

Although this was an anecdotal trial, because animals were used for testing, any placebo effect can safely be ruled out. Also, the veterinary surgeons had no previous knowledge of the product. Veterinary surgeons, like doctors are by and large conservative and traditionally do not respond enthusiastically to new products. However, both during and after the trial, several vets were so impressed by their observations they requested more product.


The results obtained in this trial parallel my own experiences of wound healing in humans. I am constantly astounded by the speed of wound closure and the absence of infection, swelling, pain and bleeding. When dressings are removed after a day or two, almost invariably the dressing is clean, does not stick to the wound and any blood that might have oozed from the wound has been absorbed.

Owner's Testimonials

I use Dr. Wheatgrass primarily for my horse. In ten years, it is the only product that stops him from rubbing out his tail head every summer. Just spray - so easy to use! Also use on any itchy bites on my horse. It is not oily, so no problem using it where tack might go

Kathleen Sullivanon, USA


My dog had radiation for a nasal carcinoma and I used the burn spray and recovery cream on his face. He also had the supershots. His face was very sore and weepy, it all cleared up within a week. Amazing stuff.

V. A. Australia.


It's amazing stuff, seems to be my mantra "put some wheatgrass on it". I use it on my pets as well, one of my dogs had a blocked anal gland, which I used the spray on, prevented surgery.

S. E. Australia.


Hi Dr Chris. I would like to tell you about my success using your Wheatgrass Spray on my cat Charlie. He has developed over the last couple of days a discharge from his eyes. It hasn't been enough to make him seem unwell but he recently spent time in cat boarding so I was wondering if he picked something up from there. Before taking him to the vet I decided to try wiping his eyes with a cotton pad soaked with your Wheatgrass spray. It has been 2 days now and he woke up this morning with no discharge at all in either eye, amazing!! I will continue for a few more days just to make sure it has cleared up but I am so pleased with the result and no need for a stressful visit to the vet. Sincerely.

D. N. Australia.


I have used DrWheatgrass SuperBalm and SkinRecovery cream on all sorts of rashes, burns and bruises on myself and my family. As a naturopathic physician, I would not have been surprised by positive results, but the variety of lesions successfully treated and the speed of the healing surprised even me! The family dog, Leto, if he could speak, would also tell you that the SuperBalm healed his poor floppy ears-- he suffered through recurrent yeast infections, which have cleared up completely. I have also used the SuperBalm on his hot spots, and his friend Sophie's hotspots with great results. What's more, I didn't have to worry about them licking their wounds!


I'm recommending Dr Wheatgrass products for my patients and all their animal friends!

Dr. Zora DeGrandpre. USA.

Radiation burns heal quickly on pet spaniel's snout
Dog radiation burn before treatment
before wheatgrass treatment
Dog radiation burn after treatment
one week later

Owner's Testimonial - My Springer spaniel Pluto had radiation therapy for a cancerous tumour in his nose. I used the burn spray and recovery cream. These are the results. You can see that it healed the wound so quickly, I was so happy with the results. I also gave him the quick Supershots, added to his food. I would totally recommend this product. I have the whole range now lol.


You can use Pluto's story to help other pet owners. Thank you, I can’t tell you how much that cream helped. We were beginning to think we had done the wrong thing by him in having the radiation. He was so miserable and uncomfortable. The cream the hospital gave us wasn't doing anything but the wheatgrass cleared it up within a week! Amazing stuff!

V. A. Australia.

Dog bites dog. Wound heals rapidly
Dog bite before treatment
Fig. 1. Penetrating, bleeding open bite wound on dog's back. Wheatgrass Skin Recovery Spray applied. No dressing used.
Dog bite 6 hours
Fig. 2. 6 hours later. Weeping and bleeding has ceased, wound surface is dry and protected by firm, resilient blood clot.
Dog bite 24 hours
Fig. 3. 24 hours after bite. No weeping, wound edges beginning to close. No infection or inflammation. Scab covers wound surface.
dog bite 3 days
Fig. 4. 3 days after bite. Wound clean, uninfected. Scab almost gone and wound healing well. No dressings or treatments other than wheatgrass Skin Recovery Spray daily.

This series of photographs (not edited for variable light sources) shows quite clearly how quickly wheatgrass can stop an open wound weeping and bleeding and seal the surface with new scab in a matter of hours. (Fig. 2).


Within 24 hours, the wound is completely dry and covered with granulation (healing) tissue.


At three days, the wound surface has become covered with new tissue with only a very small amount of scab remaining. The wound healed perfectly leaving a small, barely visible scar - a phenomenon almost always observed when treating open wounds in animals and humans with wheatgrass.