Case Studies - Wheatgrass Therapy


Burns, Stings & Bites

Wheatgrass for burns

Some burns are much more severe than others, but in this article, we are discussing first and second degree burns - the ones that don't usually require hospital admission, but may need a number of trips to your GP for initial treatment, analgesics, perhaps antibiotics and frequent regular dressings. If the burn is deep or it becomes infected, treatment could go on for a month or more and sometimes skin grafts are required.


Bright red shoulders and sleepless nights. Other than cooling the burn immediately by running cold water over it for 5 to 10 minutes, there is little if anything that makes much difference - except wheatgrass. Let me illustrate using one of my own patients' experience.


Case Study 1 - Second Degree Burn


An 18 year old university student approaching final examinations spilt boiling hot soup over her hand while waitressing at a nearby restaurant. She had what appeared to be second degree burns and the whole palm was affected. She was in severe pain. Desperate that her final examinations were imminent (she writes with the burnt hand), she was also facing eviction for overdue rent. If she didn't work, she would be on the street.


I applied some wheatgrass liquid spray to the tearful girl’s hand along with a non-stick dressing and covered it with a protective bandage. I then wrote her a prescription for a strong analgesic and informed her she should be able to return to work in the morning. She shook her head firmly and said through a forced smile - "Impossible", and left with an early morning appointment for the next day.


When I arrived at the clinic the next morning, she was sitting in the waiting-room minus the bandage and with a beaming smile on her face. The pain, she said, had disappeared around midnight and had not returned. She didn’t need analgesics! She also had a full range of pain-free movement of the hand and fingers, and there was no palpable tenderness, blistering or broken skin. The palm was mildly red, but that was all. Antibiotics were not necessary and she returned to work after the consultation. Needless to say, her employer was greatly relieved to see her back.


Since I began using wheatgrass for healing in 1995, I have never had a patient with a (second degree) burn that became infected, nor have I had to resort to topical or oral antibiotics. Wheatgrass clearly is a potent anti-inflammatory/analgesic. It has to be to be able to eliminate burn pain so quickly and effectively, and prevent swelling, blistering and infection that so often occurs with these accidents. Numerous observations over the years have assured me that wheatgrass in some way helps the body heal itself, and there is growing scientific and clinical evidence that support these findings.


Dr. Chris tells how effective wheatgrass is for sunburn and more serious burns


Case Study 2 - Deep, inflamed and open burn wound


day 1

day 2

day 3

day 7 Healed

Note that the original burn wound is quite deep, inflamed and open making it prone to infection. After 2 days' treatment with wheatgrass liquid spray, the wound is sealed and the inflammation reduced. By Day 3, inflammation is markedly reduced and the wound completely sealed. This is highly unusual for burn wounds which frequently remain indolent and difficult to heal. At 7 days, the wound is completely healed.

How to treat minor burns with wheatgrass extract

Cold water immersion of an acute burn may soothe the affected area, but does little or nothing to prevent tissue damage or reduce inflammation and associated pain.


By comparison, wheatgrass extract has been shown to relieve second degree (minor) burn pain, including from radiotherapy and laser burns, quickly when applied to the affected area. It also reduces inflammation and aids recovery of burn wounds as well as relieve the pain of sunburn.



1. Immediately spray the whole burn/scald area generously with wheatgrass liquid spray. (If the burn is large, spray first and seek urgent medical attention). This will enable bioactives in the product to be rapidly absorbed through the skin where they ease pain, reduce inflammation, help prevent infection and start the healing process. They also act to encourage blood circulation around the burn-damaged tissue thereby helping to commence the healing process.


2. Remove clothing, jewellery or other items from the burnt area if possible. If there is a lot of matter, e.g. fat, molten plastic try to remove the bulk of it with a cloth without damaging the skin. If something is stuck to the skin, do not try to remove it, but apply the burn spray over and around the area and seek urgent medical attention.


3. Do NOT soak the burn in cool water. This wastes valuable time and allows the underlying tissue to be denatured or destroyed because cooling slows the blood circulation which is desperately needed at this stage to assist tissue recovery. If you have no wheatgrass extract, use warm water which has been shown to help maintain blood supply to the burn area and assist the healing process.


4. If considered necessary, apply a very light dressing e.g. gauze, clean cotton or similar material to cover the burn, but it is likely this will serve to keep heat in the wound which may further damage or denature live cells in the burn area.


5. Wheatgrass has been shown to reduce pain dramatically in first and second degree burns, usually within 24 hours of the incident. Support the patient's pain with pain-killing medication if necessary.


Case Study 3 - Chemical Burns


Painful burns in a 2 year old child one day after treatment with Cantharone for molluscum spots which are clearly visible. Cantharone (cantharidin) is a highly toxic, poisonous substance extracted from beetles used for killing the wart virus. It is also very expensive. By comparison, molluscum frequently responds well to wheatgrass, which is non-toxic, safe and doesn't damage the skin.

9 days after daily treatment with Dr Wheatgrass Skin Recovery Cream, the burns have completely healed, mild skin discoloration persists and the child is pain free. The molluscum spots have almost disappeared which may be due to a combination of wheatgrass and Cantharone
Stings and Bites

Case Study 1 - Jelly Fish Bites


Fig.1. Bluebottle (jellyfish) sting from under the bell (head). Wheatgrass spray applied.

Fig.2. 1 hour and 15 minutes later wound is pain-free and rash barely visible.

Fig.1. Abdominal stings from jellyfish tentacles Wheatgrass spray applied.

Fig.2. 30 minutes later, no pain, no visible rash.

Wife's Testimonial: Gary sprayed the wheatgrass spray on his bluebottle sting at 6.30pm ish. His severe lower back pain (side-effect of sting) settled down within 20 minutes. The sting welt on his leg (that was the full body of the bluebottle not just the tentacle) had settled down by 90% within 1 hour and 15 mins. The ones on his stomach had fully gone within 30 mins. We sprayed on all areas twice.


Case Study 2 - Spider Bite Wound


Wound not healing for 9 years.Treatment with daily wheatgrass Skin Recovery Spray commenced.

7 months later-The wound has already closed by at least 30% and almost completely filled. The surface is now dry and smooth.

7 month and 1 week laterr -In just one week the wound has shrunk by about 80%.

7 month and 2 weeks later One more week and the wound has completely healed.

Patient's Testimonial: In 2006 I was bitten by a spider on my hand. It was the beginning of a hard trial for me. The bite developed into a festering sore that was always bleeding and just would not heal. Then about 3yrs ago a doctor in Pretoria cut the top part of the sore off in his local surgery. It bled a lot. He believes it was a Sac spider. It improved matter somewhat but the poison was still intact under the skin. Soon it was a raw open sore again. I tried everything I could, but the sore remained.


Next a doctor took a sample and had it tested it in a registered lab. The result showed it had bacome cancerous, but non malignant. About 1.5 yrs ago a bumped the sore. It erupted again and has been bleeding ever since non stop!!! It is also painful. I went to another doctor here in Pretoria and he referred me to the Steve Biko Hospital. They wanted to cut the sore out and mend it with a skin graft. I refused this as I did not believe it would solve the problem. Then I heard about Dr Wheatgrass from a friend. I started first with Recovery cream and then Recovery spray. There was an immediate improvement. The sore started drying out and the skin started closing up.


Someone told me that Bi-Carb of Soda and Lemon Juice removes poisons from a boil. I tried it and some blackish stuff came out of the sore. I persisted with the Recovery spray all the time. It continued improving. I could see the Wheatgrass helping the skin to repair. See Photo`s. Now, for the first time in almost ten years I am free from pain and the embarrassment of that open sore. Thank you Dr Wheatgrass!


Case Study 4 - Bug Bites

Mom's story: My son got attacked by some unknown bugs on a trip. The bites were itches and some formed pustules that would make wounds on his legs... they looked horrible. SO I started using just the Dr Wheatgrass Superbalm on his legs (when I would do his Molluscum bumps) and his legs healed with barely any scaring--- Amazing!!! Thank you!! Well worth the money to finally find something natural that works.