Dr Wheatgrass Testimonials




I have used the SuperBalm for a very long time now and have also recommended it to friends and family... As its the best thing I have used for my Bad Knees (both are in need of surgery...However with the Superbalm I keep going) and apply it to my legs to stop pain... Its also great for Cramps...

W.S. Western Australia.


One of my coworkers tried wheatgrass. She gave it to her sister in law who had severe arthritis in her hand and hadn't been able to move it since. After she tried the wheatgrass in a week or so, she was able to move her hand after 20 years!

C. I. USA.


I've been using your product on an arthritic 1st interphalangeal joint....much improvement noted! I have no pictures but the swelling is decreased and the redness lessened. Yay!

Z. D. USA.


Hi Dr. Chris I've only started to use your products for less than a week. I used it on my OA knees and fingers.I've been treating my sore knees via lateral release (on both knees) and physiotheraphy for many years. So far nothing works to reduce the recurring inflammation and the pain. I used the balm and drank supershots for 2 days and the pain was substantially reduced.

E. L. Singapore.


My mother (89 years old) has been on 'Supershots' since her hip replacement eight months ago. The surgeons were amazed at the new bone growth for someone my mothers age, something I attribute solely to your 'Ss', but as predicted, they could not entertain the idea that 'Ss' was the magic ingredient.

G. B. Australia.


I suffer about two attacks a year from Pseudo Gout ( i.e. Calcium Crystal deposit rather than Uric Acid). I woke up one recent morning with the familiar throbbing pain and inflamed swelling of the proximal phalanx of my right great toe. Not having any of my usual remedy of Colchicine available, I decided to try the Wheatgrass Superbalm ointment, which resulted in rapid pain reduction and total elimination of swelling and inflammation of my toe in three days. I also find this product to be superior to Hirudoid in eliminating skin bruising. Thank you Doctor Wheatgrass!

A. T. Sydney, New South Wales

Rheumatoid Arthritis

I am 27 years old and i have rheumatoid arthritis, as well as some other health conditions which i will explain to you in my next email. But i have been on the supershots and superbalm for 3 months now and they have helped me a great deal and i feel so much better.

G. V. UK.


My mom has been using the supershots for a week and for the first time in 17 years she has no pain from her rheumatoid arthritis! She loves this product! In fact the whole family is doing better because of the supershots. Thank you very much!

B. J. USA.


You asked me a while back to keep you updated on my moms Rheumatoid Arthritis. Good news! She is doing very well. Since starting wheatgrass, she rarely has pain anymore. When she does it is due to a cold front moving through, so we believe that the RA is nearly done with her after these 17 years. I think the pain she gets now is mainly due to damage already done by RA and osteoarthritis. Thanks!

B. J. USA.


I just wanted to give you an update on my mom's rheumatoid arthritis and ask you a question. My mom just received her blood test results and great news - her sed rate is down to 34. Normal is between 0 and 20. This is the lowest it has been in 18 years! We believe that this is all due to wheatgrass supershots. It is the only thing she has done differently. Her sed rate went down a few years ago when she started Minocycline therapy (390? down to 75), but then it remained steady. Now, after having been taking wheatgrass since February it has taken a nose dive. Thank you!

B. J. USA.