Dr Wheatgrass Testimonials


Other Conditions

Abscesses & infected cysts

Just some feedback on the use of the cream on my (infected) sebaceous cyst. I was a bit skeptical as the cyst was so inflamed and pus coming out all the time, but I started applying it anyway. For 2 days nothing much happened, but then at night time it started hurting so badly that when I gently touched it, the whole thing basically exploded in my hand and it took me 10 mins before the pus stopped coming out. Since then, the cyst has gone flatter and flatter with minimal discharge. I must say I am very impressed with the results. I know it's not a major medical condition but it had bothered me for a couple of weeks and I was planning on surgical removal, but the problem has been taken care of. Thanks so much!

R. B. Thailand.


I am writing from Los Angeles to share my testimonial with you. About a year ago I discovered a lump under my armpit and went to the dermatologist. It turned out to be an enlarged cyst which became infected and the Dr. removed the lymph gland on the spot. The wound was packed with gauze so it could heal from the inside out and I had to change the packing. It was painful and I never wanted to go through that again.

UNFORTUNATELY, even though I'm healthy it happened AGAIN but this time under my right arm. I knew it was another cyst and this one became enlarged fast. I lost my medical insurance in-between so I couldn't go back to my Dr. I had purchased your DR. WHEATGRASS CREAM (which was supposed to be for my face) but I decided to put it under my arm like a topical cream. The cyst which was once RED, painful and hugely swollen came down by HALF its size the next day. I couldn't believe it. I think reading the testimonies on this site stuck in the back of my head and gave me the idea to try it that way. After approx. three days it was completely gone. I was amazed, truly amazed! I have never taken the time to write a company with a testimonial EVER, but then again I've never had a personal experience that made a difference! THANK YOU for this wonderful, quality product. Who knew WHEATGRASS contains such HEALING properties!

Melinda. Los Angeles, Ca.

Alopecia Areata

Last December, my mother noticed a bald patch about 3cm diameter on the back of my head. A few weeks later, I realized I was losing a lot of hair. There were lots of bald patches now. My parents suggested I should go to the doctor, but I was reluctant to do so because I thought there was not much they could do about it.My hair kept falling out. One day I realized I had lost almost half of my hair, the bald patches got bigger and I could no longer cover them up with my own hair. I decided to see the doctor who explained about alopecia and gave me wheatgrass cream for treatment. I was told it could take a long time to treat this problem and the treatment might not work.I applied the cream once every day just before bed. At first it did not seem to have any effect and I kept losing my hair. The bald patches were more prominent than before so I was very worried at this stage. However, after that initial phase, in about 1 month, I noticed it was definitely getting better. The hair grew about 1cm, still very short, but it was new hair! The new hair covered most of my bald patch on top of my head. When I saw the doctor next time, the size of the patch was about 2cm diameter.The new short hair kept growing. Thin soft hair now became normal hair and most of the bald patch had gone. I am very happy and thrilled to see myself in the mirror every day. I really appreciate having my own hair again. Finally, I would like to say thank you to the doctor and the wheatgrass cream.

K. T. Melbourne. Australia.


I have frequent pimple on my head. just recover from hair loss of small round patch after using wheatgrass spray recommended by local natural therapist in Singapore. I was wondering what can I apply for the pimple.

H. N. Singapore


Dr Wheatgrass, my name is C. W. I have a 6 year old grandson who lives with me. He was diagnosed with alopecia when he was 2 years old. We have taken him to several different doctors. They have given him shots, vitamins, herbs. We have taken him out of town to specialists. We have spent several hundred dollars, out of pocket, trying to find a cure. All the doctors say the same thing, "There is no cure."


The kids in his school laughed at D and called him mean names. He likes school, but he would come home crying. My girlfriend got on the internet and found "Dr Wheatgrass" spray. She ordered some and gave it to D. I had him use it every day - just once a day. His hair appeared to be comming in so I bought 2 more bottles so not to run out. D now has a full head of hair and I give "Dr Wheatgrass" all the credit. It is an amazing product. I have told everyone about "Dr Wheatgrass" and have shown these pictures to back up the facts. Thank you so much for your product. I am in your debt.

Ms. C. W. Ohio, USA.

Back Pain

I have been using the Super Balm on my lower back due to Osteoarthritis and slight scoliosis. This gets me from moving painfully in the mornings to much more ease of movement (without the discomfort) and able to cope with any moving and bending throughout the day. I have also been taking the Super Shots and have managed to miss out on the colds that have been doing the rounds this winter - now all I have to do is convince my husband and kids to start taking it. I cannot recommend the products more strongly - they are a "God send".

K. W. New Zealand.


I did a lot of heavy work by moving stones in my garden. I suffered pain in my upper and lower back and was intending to book into the chiropractor after the weekend.A friend rubbed some of Dr Wheatgrass cream on my back and I was totally amazed when about one hour later the pain was gone I will be buying this product as a standby for any future occourrences. Thank you.

J. C. Australia.

Insect Bites and Stings

My son got attacked by some unknown bugs on a trip. The bites were itches and some formed pustules that would make wounds on his legs... they looked horrible. SO I started using just the Dr Wheatgrass Superbalm on his legs (when I would do his Molluscum bumps) and his legs healed with barely any scaring--- Amazing!!! I included pictures of my 3 children--- Molluscum, Eczema, and Bug bite relief. Thank you!! Well worth the money to finally find something natural that works.

Ashley USA


My husband surfs he often often gets stung by blue bottles and he normally suffers a bad reactions. Wheatgrass spray stopped the stinging and the welting very quickly.

T. A. Australia.


Yesterday I was out mowing the lawn and disturbed a wasp's nest. One of them stung me on the chin, and it hurt like hell. I've never known such pain. I ran inside, grabbed my bottle of wheatgrass spray and squirted it on my chin. I kid you not, in thirty seconds the pain had completely gone. And there have been no after effects! How does it DO that?

N. S. Australia.


I tried some of your skin recovery spray recently at a friends house and used it for inflamed dermatitis and insect bites. I found your product to be amazing.

C. B. Australia.


I had experience with your products a little while ago I was given a sample of the superbalm to which I applied on a spider bite that lingered around despite using traditional wound dressing methods, as a nurse it was frustrating that I couldn't heal my own wound but I put the tiniest bit of superbalm on it every night after my shower and I am pleased your amazing product healed me in less than a week. If it could do this for me I want my.patients to get the same rapid healing response.

L. E. Australia.


Recently a friend of mine was suffering from a bad attack of sand-fly bites. We applied the Skin Recovery Formula and she felt instant relief, on a second application a few hours later the irritation was totally resolved.

S. N. Australia.


My kids were stung by wasps and we put the wheatgrass cream on them. It did seem to help, especially to take the pain away quickly.



Well it does work, I was sceptical having had a Spider bite my right leg sweld to about 3 times its normal size then split open in 3 places, a month in hospital then convelescing at home for the next 18 months, well i ended up with these very open leg ulcers I tried all of the creams from the chemist over this period, the only thing that really helped was Medi Honey but as soon as you touched the wound the little healing that had took place just disappeared. I put the wheatgrass cream on my ulcers and if by magic after about two and a half weeks new skin started to form, it took another 6 months to heal the ulcers and another 6 month's to heal completly now you cannot tell that I had ever had a problem, I am 62 so no spring chicken I have recommended the Wheatgrass cream to lots of people nobody ever says it does not work I also take the super shots just a capfull a day and again after a few weeks I was felling real good, Wheatgrass does work give it a go you have nothing to loose.

B. B. Queensland.


I have been troubled with allergies to mossie bites and midge bites for years. The bite normally swells up and goes septic eventually. I was sick of using Stingoes and and calamine. (I have had to have antibiotics on some occasions.) I put some of the wheatgrass spray on the latest wounds. The results are amazing really, instead of the usual swell and ooze I have clean non itching, non swollen bites which are healing very well. The spray is transparent too so I do not get a "pink" or "white" smudge on my skin and clothing. Thank you very much for this wonderful spray.

A. C. New South Wales.


I was a supplier of organic wheatgrass on the Central Coast NSW Australia, for about three years. Whilst growing and supplying I became curious about the effects that wheatgrass would have on diabetics (as it tastes so sweet) so I asked my daughter's employer who is diabetic (stable control) if she would try it for me so we could see how it affected her levels. She took 30 mls the first day and her levels dropped from 13.5 to 11.5 in half an hour then that night she went home and ate an ice cream (which I do not advocate). To our surprise her levels were down to 9.5 the next morning. So she started on a program of 30 mls daily, her levels stayed at 9.5 till I introduced frozen wheatgrass out of convenience. Her levels dropped to 4.2 on 60mls per day. Her levels have remained the same even though she has stopped taking wheatgrass some years ago. I also have a friend who is a surgeon here in Australia. She is an insulin dependent diabetic. Fer level prior to taking the juice was 19.5. Her level dropped to 7.2 the next morning. She has taken wheatgrass juice every two months and her level has stayed down to 7.5.

J. C. New South Wales

Herpes Simplex (cold sores)

I have had herpes since I was 19 years old. I have it both orally and vaginal. I used to take the medicine that doctors would prescribe when I had an outbreak UNTIL I discovered wheatgrass. It is a blood cleanser and since the virus is omitted into the bloodstream the wheatgrass knocks it right out of my system. I haven't taken the meds prescribed by physicians in over 6 years. I decided to just try it one day and it knocked it out within a 2 day time period. I give praise to wheatgrass and all it's health benefits.

R. P. USA.


Hi, I have to say that using super balm in the early tingle stage of a cold sore resulted in the cold sore not going the full distance...my lip tightened as it started to swell but I kept applying small amounts of super balm and stopped the cold sore from developing any further...usually once they start nothing stops them...even that expensive tiny tube of cold sore cream voirax (or whatever it is called)...wheat grass did the trick. I have been using super balm for a couple of years now and I absolutely believe there is no aliment it can't eliminate all together or lessen the symptoms...it is pure magic....it has helped my grand sons when they were teething...adults toothache...at the first sign of a sore throat, I rub it into my throat...it just helps everything... Thank you for this marvellous product...

K. A. Australia.

Glandular Fever

Regarding my daughter and her glandular fever and everything else she has wrong with her!! We put her on the Supershot on double dose for 2 weeks and then reduced to normal dosage. Well the results so far are amazing. After the first week she told us that she was already feeling better and that people from her work were noticing and commenting. It is now three weeks and she is glowing, I did get her the spray as well which she is using on her rashes and this is also settling them down. She said she is feeling better in herself, she has not been sick since she has been on the Supershot, her rashes are improving and her skin is actually glowing she is looking great and feeling better. Thank you so much for helping her and giving her the miracle cure, first time in 4 years I have seen her looking so good.

M. F. Queensland, Australia

Grover's Disease

I had Grover's disease for many years and my chest was covered in hundreds of red spots which got very itchy whenever I started sweating. I saw docs and dermatologists, used steroids and everything you could imagine on my skin which was really quite a mess. Nothing worked so I somehow had to learn to live with it. Then I met another bloke who had it and fixed his with wheatgrass. It took about two months putting the Superbalm on the rash every day, but eventually the spots went away. They come back sometimes when it's hot and humid, but I just whack on a bit of wheatgrass and in a couple of days it's all settled down again. Thanks a million! I don't look so bloody ridiculous now when I go to the beach. Thanks doc!

R. C. Australia.

Idiopathic Thrombocytopenic Purpura

My best friend Dr. M.F. had me try some of your wheatgrass and it has helped my extremely rare blood disorder - severe idiopathic thrombocytopenia purpura with atrial fibrillation !!!!! / note there is only one other patient like myself in the entire world that the national rare disease center pointed out to me !!!! ; i have spent alot of money trying to find a cure for my two medical problems for the past 32 years and you dr. wheatgrass have solved my puzzle / praise the lord !!! ; i used to work for symbiotics bovine colostrum company as a researcher and i would like to request of you to consider hiring me as a researcher for your company !? ; i also worked with linus pauling on vitamin c research many years ago.

Thank you.

E. F. Dr. of Alternative Medicine. USA.

P. S. Your research on your site saved my life !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!.


Dear Dr.Chris,

Earlier on 28th sept 2011, I seeked your advice for taking Dr.Wheatgrass supershots to manage my health condition called ITP where a patient's platelets are destroyed by the autoantibodies. You had suggested me to take Dr.wheatgrass supershots dosage as 5ml, 2 times daily for first 15 days and then reduce to 5ml once daily. First 15 days I took Dr.wheatgrass supershots 5 ml, twice daily and I did not get bruises and my platelet counts were maintained.Then I reduced the dosage to 5ml, once daily.After 3 days I started bruising and this was a sign of low platelet counts.Then the following week, I came back to the same dosage, that is 5ml, 2 times and things were normal, no bruises.I have been taking ayurvedic medicines,antioxidants and steroids along with Dr.wheatgrass supershots.I did not change anything else other than this dosage.So I think to maintain my platelet counts I need 5ml, 2 times daily dosage of Dr.Wheatgrass supershots.

R. A. India.


Dr. Chris's comment:

In about 60% of cases, idiopathic thrombocytopenic purpura (ITP) is due to the body's own antibodies destroying platelets in the blood i.e. an autoimmnue condition. (Idiopathic means the cause isn't known, thrombocytopenic means low levels of platelets and purpura refers to the purplish colour of skin bruising). Platelets are essential for the blood clotting process and if the numbers of platelets significantly decrease, unwanted bleeding occurs e.g. under the skin, in the mouth and nose. In more serious cases even death can occur, usually due to brain hemorrhage. What is important about this testimonial is the patient stopped bruising when taking wheatgrass Supershots in double the usual dose of 5 mls. daily. Most importantly, his platelet count did not fall while he was taking them. It is well known that wheatgrass can stimulate production of blood elements in the bone marrow, including platelets. Although this is only one testimonial, it is encouraging for anyone suffering from this condition.

Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS)

G'day Dr. Chris

I take super shots daily as I was having trouble with my stomach IBS. I now also take it for general health as most of my IBS symptoms have been alleviated. I also use the super balm and skin recovery gels for fissures and other things like cuts sunburn etc. My favourite though is the Supershots I think it's great I look forward to taking it. Thanks for making such great products and I hope they continue to be made for many years to come. Just love the products, my wife would vouch for that.

A. F. Australia.


I take 5ml a day of your supershots and think its great and it seems to have settled down my IBS.

A. F. Australia.


The reason I started taking the Supershots was that many years ago I was diagnosed with IBS . I have found that I do get relief with the Supershots.

W. C. Australia.


I've been using the Supershots as well as the Superbalm and seeing some results. The IBS has improved. I now have less grumbling and gas going on in the stomach. I also have had much improvement with the hemorrhoids. I will continue to take the Supershots as well as using the Superbalm.

Cant wait for total recovery... Thanks.

B. L. USA.


Yes Wheatgrass shots work! From about 17 I started having severe cramps in my stomach on average about once a week. It lasted a few years getting worse and worse until I went to the doctor hoping it wasn't anything serious. The doc advised me that I had Irritable Bowel Syndrome, and while it was not serious the only option was to take some pills to take away the pain, however I had to wait for an attack before I could take the medication.


After hearing my complaints for a few months my father was fed up and gave me a bottle of the Wheatgrass shots. Torn between needing some relief and not wanting to prove my dad was right, I gave in and started taking a shot a day. After a few months I started to notice something, from the first week of taking the shots I had not had an attack. The pills sitting on my dresser weren't touched and are now in the bin. It is going on 2 years now and I still continue to take the shots. However I haven't told my dad yet.

G. M. Melbourne.


Dr Wheatgrass cleared my Sons Moluscum and also a skin keratosis on my leg. It took about 8 weeks for the keratosis to dry up & flake off and now you would never know it even existed. There is no sign of it on my skin :)

L. H. Australia.


I am using SuperBalm at the moment to help heal some skin cancers I have had scraped & burned. They have healed so quickly. (as I figured they would.) Just brilliant.

L. B. Nowra, New South Wales.


Hi, I thought you might be interested to hear my recent experience with your Skin Recovery Cream. I purchased it for my wife to use on her ingrown toenails, to soften the skin to assist in the process of the nail growing forward and out. Her Podiatrist said not to use anything containing any form of acid. My wife is aware that wheatgrass contains Abscissic acid, so did not use it. I had read some interesting reports on your forum re. the effectiveness of your extract on skin conditions. Merely as an experiment, I began applying your cream to a keratosis on my right temple. I've had it for about 10yrs, and it started as a 'freckle', but developed into a 12mm diameter dark, and crusty 'growth'. My skin cancer specialist said it was OK, it wasn't cancer, and that I'm just getting old. (53yrs of age.)


To cut a long story short, I've applied your cream to it 14 times in total, sporadically I must admit, and now it's barely visible. My wife is amazed. So am I. Before, it was at least 2mm high, and now after a couple of wks, my wife puts on a dab of the cream for me to rub in, because I can't feel where it was anymore. My only regret is that I started this so casually, I didn't even think to take a photo of it before I started application of the Skin Recovery Cream. I would urge others to take a pic of any intended site of application before-hand, in case they get similar results to mine. My wife now applies it to her face every night, and puts it on my moles on my face. My wife wanted me to have surgery to remove the keratosis, as she said it was so outstanding visually, but the skin specialist refused. Now it's gone, after an unbelievably small number of applications. I am amazed.


Thanks. I hope this information is of some use to you, and others.

B. R. Australia.

Lichen Sclerosus and Planus

The spray worked great for the thrush, and the superbalm did wonders four daughters lichen sclerosus! It flares up every once in a while, but as long as we put the balm on it, it goes right away.

K. L. Australia.


I had a skin disorder called lichen planus for 4 years on my arms.nothing the doctors gave me worked.your skin recovery cream has totaly got rid of it within 2 weeks! thankyou so much!

N. C. Finland.


I purchased a bottle of your Superbalm at a health food store in Caloundra today. I suffer from Lichen Planus and since this afternoon have been applying small amounts to my tongue which was very inflamed and sore. The results have been amazing in a such a short time. I am also using the balm on my itchy skin and have experienced instant results. I am thrilled that I have discovered this product.

R. S. Queensland. Australia.


Hi Dr Chris, I finally tried your wheatgrass gel for my lichen sclerosus. I thought it would be easier to apply than the spray. So far it seems to have helped with the burning and itch.

D. K. USA.


I am glad I listened to your advice and stuck with the wheatgrass cream. My vaginal area is looking so much better and I can actually walk without looking like I have a "load" between my legs. At night I can actually sleep. However, it is not over by a long shot. I still can't wear underwear or pants and can't do any kind of leg exercises as that rubbing seems to really irritate the problem. Generally, I put some lotion on after a shower and found this is good all day (just as you said). It still stings but I can put up with that.

M. B. USA.


I recently got wheatgrass cream from Australia. I find if I put this on a few nights a week the white spots disappear too and the skin heals. This stuff is amazing you can heal cuts and burns very quickly with it with generally no scarring. I also found that salt water baths help and Aloe Vera gel helps soothe, and tea tree oil ointment takes away itchiness.

Colleen, Brunswick, NJ, USA on EarthClinic.com

Multiple Sclerosis

After taken my first shot of wheatgrass on empty stomach I noticed during driving early morning to work that I was very energetic, singing but I did not drink a cup of coffee that morning. The World around me was different, better and no doubt I was in good mood. Today, I got rid of many symptoms of MS, thanks to wheatgrass, magnesium, fish oil and much better diet.

R. K. USA.


Here is a detailed letter/update as to my condition and what I hope Wheatgrass assists me with.

History: I have been diagnosed with MS since 2001 at the age of 19. I have regularly experienced the follwing symptoms:

  • Extreme Fatigue
  • Lack of feeling (mainly in my hands and arms resulting in me sustaining some serious burns to my hands and arms)
  • Loss of vision
  • Speech impediment
  • No balance – resulting in constant falls
  • No coordination

Of all these symptoms the first two is what I struggle with the most. I am being treated with immunotherapy’s that are common for MS over the past 6 years I have been on Betafuron, Avonex, Copaxone all with no improvement. Deterioration is very evident at this stage. My Neurologist is in consultation with another neurologist in the city as to where to proceed with my case. There has been talk of putting me on Tysabri – New drug from America that is said to have amazing results. The only hitch is it is really expensive - $30,000 a year for a min of 2 years.


A friend told me about wheatgrass shots and I thought I would have a look and thus start my conversations with you. I started wheatgrass Supershots in July and have been taking 10ml a day. I know I am taking more that the recommended amount however I was still dealing with an exacerbation that started in December but had not yet abated so I was desperate.


Here is what I have noticed so far.

1. The first 2 – 3 weeks I noticed no change in regaining sensation in my hands so I was a little disappointed – but I don’t believe in quick fixes and I noticed other changes.

2. My hair was growing at a quicker rate and my nails were growing quite quickly as well, still no change in energy levels or sensation.

3. 4 – 6 weeks later I noticed that my hair was growing at such a fast rate that I need to get hair cuts every 4 weeks now opposed to my every 6 – 8 weeks. Even the hair dresser made a comment about the rate that my hair was growing at.

4. Finally a break through in the sensation in my hands. The feeling has returned back to normal (I burnt my self the other day and felt it!!! – YAY!) (This is my kind of normal which is return of sensation of major feeling but an ever present “Buzzing” in the background)

5. I am ok in my energy, still very tired, but a little better. As any person with MS will tell you the winter months are fantastic due to the cooler weather, but it is the summer months that are the real test.

6. Well end of August and early September have been really quite hot considering it is supposed to be spring! I did go out side for a while last Saturday 1st of September. I have to admit that I was really tired and had to go back inside and have a sleep. I am hoping that prolonged use of this will build up in my system helping me in summer months. If nothing else I am SO happy with the improvement in sensation, and my hair and nails look GREAT! My skin is still really sore but I have much hope that will change soon. Thank you so much for all of your help and I will keep you posted. Thanks Again.


Kind Regards and Much Hope

A. M. New South Wales.


I have now completed two months of Dr Wheatgrass Super Shots to see if the shots would be beneficial to my Multiple Sclerosis. I have noticed two major changes. Firstly, I am astounded by how much energy I now have. I started to notice the change after about 3.5 weeks of taking the Super Shots, and my energy levels continue to increase. I am truly amazed; I was very sceptical when I began the 2 months course, as over the years I have tried many dietary supplements, a variety of different juices, and many other alternate & conventional medicines. I am so grateful as this has made such a difference to the lifestyle of myself & my family. The other benefit to me is that I had suffered from constipation for many years as a result of medication and being rather sedentary since being diagnosed with MS. The constipation started to improve very soon after commencing the first bottle of Super Shots, and I am now very 'regular' & the bloating has gone. I am continuing to take Super Shots as I'm thrilled with these results & hope to see future improvements as dealing daily with MS can be such a battle. Thank you Dr Chris.

L. Z. New South Wales.


I started using the cream originally a few months ago, just on my face, as a moisturiser for my very dry skin (a result of medication I take for Multiple Sclerosis & thyroid replacement). Coincidentally I found the cream to be amazing for the relief of the neuralgia I have suffered for a very long time on the left side of my face from under my eye to my jaw. I was taking medication for the neuralgia & have now stopped. I was delighted that what I believed to be a moisturiser gave me such relief from neuralgia. I will be most definately mentioning it next time I attend my MS support group, even though a lot are sceptical about supposedly non-conventional medicines.

L. Z. New South Wales.


From an MS patient's Carer: She has taken the Supershots once a day now and has settled down as far as not being able to sleep at night. She says that she now sleeps well and it doesn’t make a difference at what time she takes them. She does say however, that should she miss a dose, that her energy levels deplete very quickly.

I. S. South Africa.

Plantar Fasciitis

I just had to write and thank you personally for your Wheatgrass Cream. I've suffered from Plantar Fasciitis for over 3 years without any relief, from a variety of treatments, until I began using the cream. I applied it twice a day and noticed a reduction of my foot pain within a week. Currently I'm pain free. I can't begin to tell you how excited and happy I am with your product. It's allowed me to get on with my life and do things outdoors with my family again, because walking is no longer painful for me. I will never be without your Wheatgrass Cream. It's a staple in our home. Thanks again!

Mary C. Mo. USA

Radiation Burns

My husband had radiotherapy following secondary Melanoma. His radiotherapy burns were severe and the area under his armpit was like raw steak (from the radiation) and he was in a lot of pain. I felt the traditional treatment of Sorbolene was locking in the heat and adding to his discomfort and delaying his healing. As a registered Nurse, I discussed this with my sister also an R.N but well versed in alternate medicine and she suggested I get Dr. Wheatgrass. I was sceptical but desperate. Well no longer - he got immediate relief, the healing process was rapid and he was able to sleep. It is the greatest support to the healing process and pain relief. I am now a total supporter. Dr. Chris you are a genius. Thank you.

T. C. Western Australia.


I have been using your product for 6 weeks now. I am a cancer patient and are still currently undergoing radiation treatment. My cancer is bowel and the pelvic area receives severe burns. The super balm was recommended by my daughter. Within a couple of days I had relief from pain and itching my burns were healing . I was amazed. I provided this information to my oncologist . He was amazed and wanted to start recommending your product to his patients.

K. J. Australia.


The speed at which wheatgrass induces healing can only be described as amazing.There is no doubt that this product saved me from many days of discomfort.

S. W. UK.


I used it during/after my radiation treatment. Dr was surprised at how much it helped with the burn and decreased the scarring. That was over a year ago now. Still useit for any other sores scratches etc

A. T. Australia.


I have used your wheatgrass creams with great success during my recent radiation treatment.

K.S. Australia.


Hi Dr Chris, Would just like to advise that my friend has just completed her full course of radiation for breast cancer without any burns, blistering or pain. She used the wheatgrass superbalm as you suggested.

J. S. Domiciliary Nurse. Australia.


My mum has just finished radiation for bone metasteses in her neck vertebrae. She was told she may have a very sore throat and vomitting from the location of the radiation treatment. When her throat began to get sore, I told her to take wheatgrass shots. She started taking it and her throat soreness disappeared!!! She is now also rubbing the skin recovery gel on her skin to heal the skin burns from the radiation - they are looking better already. Thank you so much for your wheatgrass products...I recommend them to everyone and use it daily. My latest discovery is that a sunburnt lip can recover within 2 days by applying your cream 3 x a day.

J. B. Australia.


I did buy the Wheatgrass balm for a skin irriation on my son's head from radiation and it worked perfectly. Thanks so much!!

L. M. Australia.


My Radiation Oncologist rested me for 5 days and then a further week to enable my skin to repair. The sorbolene and jelonet had little effect. My daughter bought wheatgrass spray which I used several times a day. There was an immediate improvement. Sufficient for my dr to resume my treatment. I told him about my experience, his concern is about quality control of your products and whether they are sterile. He acknowledged that this worked for me. I have 5 treatments left and would like to use your Cream, if I can get hold of it. My dr is a very progressive man and if you can demonstrate that your products are sterile, then I feel sure he may trial them at his hospital.


Comment: All Dr Wheatgrass products are rigorously tested for bacterial contamination by the manufacturer prior to leaving the factory. Sterility is therefore guaranteed.

A. M. Australia.


Dr WG Admin. Having had breast cancer surgery in March 2009 and then radiation therapy, my breast was not healing, I tried many different creams even cortisone and still no result. My nipple area was so sensitive and painful, I started using Skin Recovery cream and Superbalm cream in November 2009 and after approx. 30 days, I have no pain and my skin is even starting to look normal. Thank you so much Dr Wheatgrass I can have a pain free Christmas.

S. G. Queensland, Australia.


Was kind of bruised after the radiotherapy - the skin under my arm and under the breast had peeled - I am using the skin recovery cream (Wheatgrass) and it's really helping. It's getting better now.

U. M. Australia.

Shingles (herpes zoster)

Hi, my mother had a very bad case of Shingles. Pain was unbearable and and treatment from the doctor was of minimal relief. Up in my cupboard was some Dr Wheatgrass super balm amongst other tubs I have. With nothing to lose but all to gain I gave it to my mother to try. The relief was unreal and my mother wondered where to get this miracle cream. Lucky I had the good fortune to know this wonder of inventions through the game of cricket with my son and had seen the healing powers it posses. Would highly recommend this cream for any type of skin aliment and relief, Thank you again.

V. B. Australia.


I just wanted to say a massive thank you for the amazing results I have seen using dr wheatgrass spray and gel on my sons molluscum contagiosum and my shingles outbreak! Firstly my then 2 year old was covered in molluscum for just over a year and we tried many different creams. It only took a week for the Dr Wheatgrass spray to completely heal it all up. We were amazed. Also I used the gel on my chest after coming down with shingles and it took the itch out of the rash and cleared it up very quickly. I have also been using it as a face cream and my skin looks flawless! Thank you your product is amazing!

H. W. Australia.


On 18 Apr.'09, I was diagnosed with "shingles". I had experienced the outbreak for about 4 wks. I had tried everything from antibiotic to fever blister creams with no noticeable results. The blistered area (on the left side of my face...cheek near my nose) got larger and more painful. I was told that there was absolutely nothing the doctor could do besides give me a pain medication where I could at least get some sleep, and relief from the burning and itching.I began using Dr. Wheatgrass Antioxidant Skin Recovery Cream on or about the 19 Apr. '09. By 25 Apr. '09, the area of the blistering had all but disappeared...and had quit hurting. Today is 27 Apr. '09, nothing is left of the shingles except for a slight redness where the worse blistering had been. I've been using nothing but your product. Shingles are TERRIBLE. People who suffer from them need to use your product!

G. W. Texas, USA.


My Mum was diagnosed with breast cancer last year. Fortunately she has made a full recovery but did have to go through Radiation Therapy. I have used your product for a few years now and noticed it mentioned that it can be used for the radiation burns. I bought mum a bottle and sent it to her...She was very, very pleased with the results as was her doctor. Her healing is amazing and I only wish we had taken photos to show you, unfortunately modesty prevailed! My mum mentioned the Wheatgrass Cream to the doctor and he said he was going to start recommending it to patients. Thank you again for helping my family with your fantastic product..it is amazing! Yours sincerely.

L. F. Australia.


I had been to many dr s and 2 specialists about my sinus problem that had been bothering me for over a year. I cannot believe that after all the antibiotics that did not help that dr wheatgrass recovery spray worked instantly when I put 3 drops into each nostril. I continue to use it everyday and I feel I am improving all the time. I will try this product first everytime and will recommend it to everyone.

H. R. Queensland, Australia.


I've suffered long-term chronic sinusitis, which has failed to respond to repeated treatments of traditional antibiotics, steroids etc. After just 2 weeks of administering the wheatgrass spray into my nose, I've experienced a significant improvement in my condition - with no nasty side-effects!

M. D. Melbourne, Australia.


I used your product (spray) for 6 weeks for my sinusitis the last friday I received the X-RAY and my sinusitis disappeared practically. Your product is fantastic.

A. G. Venezuela.


My 3 year old son S. started super shots on 15th august 2015, 2.5 ml a day. Its almost six month he is taking it. Their is improvement in his health. His ferritin level is under control. Transfusion is required but he is more active and jovial. He is now 3yrs 10 month old. Thank you so much. I pray to almighty to shower his blessing on you.

L. D. Bhubaneswar. Orissa. India.


Hello Dr Chris... I am a 40 year old with beta Thal major. Just some info I thought I share with you. I read online that wheatgrass juice can help thals with Hb levels. So for the last couple of weeks I been having a fresh wheatgrass shot from boost juice about 4-5 times a week after my lunch. My Hb averages about 102 before my monthly blood transfusion and they give me 3 units of blood (Sometimes they give me 4 when my Hb is on the lower side). When I went in for my transfusion last week I was shocked – I only had to have 2 units as my Hb was 113 (I didn’t expect to see a difference so early!!!). I basically almost never have a Hb good enough for only 2 units. I’m going to continue with the wheatgrass shots and see how it goes (maybe it was a fluke???) – I actually quite like the taste. anyway, thought I’d share this with you. ciao, Danny

D. S. Australia.


Can you urgently advise where in Sydney I can buy the Supershots from as my daughter has thalassemia and we have been relying on these for the past year. Thank you on producing a great product which is keeping my little girls Haemaglobin up and along with her energy levels. I really think it has been working wonders, her haemaglobin was at 61 in September last year and now it has increased to 75. We definately think it's because of the wheatgrass and we know she will be taking them for the rest of her life. (She is now 1 1/2 years old)

S. T. NSW. Australia.


I am a Thalassaemia patient and have been taking wheatgrass Supershots since February, 2005. Since then I have seen a big improvement with my haemoglobin therefore receiving less units of blood as I am transfused every 3 weeks. My haemoglobin would be 105 on average and I would receive 3 units of blood or 4 units if I was less than 105. Now my haemoglobin is 112-115 more often and therefore I receive 2 units if I’m more than 110, which is a big PLUS for me! I wanted to take this opportunity to thank you for your great work with developing the wheatgrass Supershots and to let you know it has certainly made a huge difference for me.

Yours sincerely.

E. T. Australia.

Ulcerative Colitis

I was diagnosed with a medium level of Ulcerative Colitis 20 years ago and have been on the maximum dose of Salazopyrin for the full 20 years with poor results. After taking Dr Wheatgrass Supershots for a week my health was much improved. Within 2 weeks my bowel movements are normal and with the approval of my own GP, I am reducing my dosage of Salazopyrin. The saving on my other medication is more than paying for the Supershots, let alone the other benefits of improved health and energy. In the two months I have been taking the Supershots, I have not had any diarrhoea, compared to previously being a weekly occurrence, with the related pain and bleeding. After previously trying other medication and alternative medicines, I would not try any other treatment. I have been totally healthy for two months for the first time in twenty years.

S. C. Queensland. Australia

Vaginal Disorders

The spray worked great for the thrush, and the superbalm did wonders four daughters lichen sclerosis! It flares up every once in a while, but as long as we put the balm on it, it goes right away.

K. L. Australia.


Hi i wanted to send you my account of the recovery cream because i thought it might help others. A few months ago i developed a vaginal fissure, which was troublesome rather than painful. i did a lot of research on the net and found out that it was quite a common condition with no real cure - which was slightly depressing. I then found out that people with anal fissures had reported that recovery cream worked wonders. Literally I'd say within 3 days of using it the fissure completely cleared, quite miraculous, and it has prompted me to try the shots now for my immune sy


B. S. London. UK.

Pre-menstrual tension and polycystic ovary syndrome

My daughter is using the wheatgrass shots she has PCOS and this is great for her PMT and her periods have been good since she has been on this.

C. F. Australia.

Hepatitis C liver cirrhosis recovery

I believe the Supershots, and before that wheatgrass juice, have had a hand in my recovery from Hepatitus C. Although the HCV was finally knocked out by the experimental drug "telaprevir", it didn't hurt that I used Super shots daily. In the aftermath of my treatment, I continued using wheatgrass. My Hep C had progressed into Stage 3 cirrhosis. But, the Mayo Clinic during my last MRI on my liver, called to say, that the detailed MRI on my liver, did not show cirrhosis and they were investigating this since it was a rare event.


High Blood Pressure

My brother's blood pressure was way out of control and took your medicine (Supershots) and was in control in one week and a year and a half later without medicine is still under control.